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How We Work

JDN is a collaborative functional medicine practice led by Julia Davies, specialising in the support of those with chronic complex illness using natural and integrative approaches.

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Julia Davies


Alice Horner

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Alissa Powell

Keeley Nicholas

Initial assessment

To begin your functional medicine approach you will meet with Julia who will use her experience as a certified functional medicine practitioner to understand your condition and background in order to form an initial plan and set the framework for your personalised ongoing support. Julia will look beyond your symptoms to find the root cause of your concerns by asking a wide variety of questions about your current health, health history, family medical history, and about the different systems of your body. We try to navigate our way towards the ‘root cause’ of a symptom or condition, of where there are many and each person's is different. Julia may recommend you complete relevant functional tests before assigning to you one of our experienced practitioners who specialise in particular techniques or conditions.


Ongoing support

Following Julia's referral, your ongoing support plan will be implemented in detail by a member of the team who you will be assigned to depending on the suitability of the practitioner's specialities and your own condition. This may be Keeley, for ongoing functional medicine support, Alissa for specialised nutritional therapy or Alice for physical treatment.

The team meets regularly to discuss cases and ensure the best care can be provided, at various points your practitioner may recommend you see other members of the team for specialised support.

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