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JDN Functional Medicine Group programme:
6 ONLINE sessions

Get to the root cause of your health concerns through our foundation 4 pillar programme. This course is written by Julia Davies based on her clinical experience over the last 2 decades of supporting those with chronic illness. It is not specific to a particular diagnosis, all labels/condition names are not an aspect of this teaching. Julia follows her observations of the body's natural way of healing and builds her scientific and logical approach into this course. Each group is small and interactive so everyone feels nurtured and supported.

All sessions are held online via zoom 

Please register here to join the next group. Dates TBC

Pillar 1

Calm your nervous system

Understanding your past stories and the impact on your health + strategies to rebalance the brain. Begin to create lasting change through balancing your body and mind and strengthening those connections. 

Pillar 3

Power up your system

How do you create the energy required to heal? 

Your body needs energy to make the changes so identifying how you can create this is an important step in recovery from any health condition

Pillar 2

Understanding chronic inflammation


Learn how to balance your immune system. Begin to understand the mechanisms within your reach to change.

We offer multiple ways to begin resolving inflammation. it all comes from a truer understanding of this process

Pillar 4

Rebuilding your defences

Identifying the triggers and drivers behind your condition and learning how to remove them. Starting to recognise where you need to focus your attention so you remain on track

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Course Cost

£295 for 6 sessions online via Zoom ​

What people say about our work..

"This course is perfect for anyone that is fatigued by their health challenges and has exhausted the traditional pathways of the healthcare system."
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