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Functional testing

Functional testing involves understanding biochemical pathways in the body and exploring the changes that occur in someone who is chronically unwell.  We use the most accurate ways of measuring your body's physiology, whether that be via blood test, urine sample or stool sample. We provide a phlebotomy service (taking blood for samples) at our clinic in Warwickshire or can advise you how to arrange yourself if you are further afield.

Funtional Testing Laboratory Test image

The functional testing approach offers a detailed insight into some of the potential root causes underlying your health condition. The tests are very forward thinking in medicine and offer an investigative approach far beyond the diagnosis that you may receive through an orthodox healthcare system.

Functional tests allow us to discover underlying causes and looking at the 'why' of your diagnosis rather than just 'treat the symptoms' approach.

We use several labs for our tests, each of which have slightly different specialities. This means we can offer the most appropriate tests for your needs. Some of our common tests include:

  • Autoimmune evaluations

  • Stool testing for GI health, microbiome analysis and pathogen exclusion

  • CIRS panels and transcriptomics testing 

  • Functional bloods with pattern analysis to identify helpful patterns in your body's chemistry 

  • Sex hormone comprehensive analysis to identify how a person is detoxifying and processing their hormones

As part of your programme with JDN, we will make a thorough assessment of your health history and medication before making the best recommendations for you. 

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