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Podcasts and videos


In February 2021, Julia and the team launched a series of webinars looking at how to optimise your immune system. "Beyond the Mask" (session 1) gives an introduction to your immune system.

In session 2 of the Optimising Your Immune System series, "Eat Yourself Well", Julia focusses on the role of food in your immune system and shares some hints and tips about how to optimise your diet with minimal effort.

In session 3 of the series, "Turbocharge your Immune System, Florence explains the role of sleep and stress in your immune system with some ideas of lifestyle changes and supplements that can help.

In the final session in the Optimising Your Immune System series, the team at Julia Davies Nutrition answer your questions about the topics they've covered in the series.

Julia is a guest consultant on the Gutology project. Gutology is all about understanding and optimising your gut to heal yourself.

Julia features on a series of podcasts and videos. A selection of clips are shown on this page. The full podcast can be downloaded free of charge from Spotify or iTunes.

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