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Julia Davies


Julia - Functional Medicine practitioner - Specialist in the management of complex chronic disease with a private practice in Warwickshire, UK and remote consultation worldwide.

From a very young age I've been interested in all things health. When I was 8 years old I was diagnosed with juvenile idiopathic arthritis. My grandmother, Margaret Hills, who had developed her own natural approach and helped thousands of people around the world with arthritis, helped me too. Seeing that transformation first hand at such a young age really imprints how you feel about the body and it's healing process. It was a complete overhaul of the things that I could control, I changed schools, ate a special diet, supplemented with nutrients and wasn't allowed sweets! But I got better. I've been fascinated by the role of nutrition and biochemical imbalances in health ever since. As I was being bullied quite severely at that age, I knew how the impact of emotional stress can manifest as physical illness and that understanding has only deepened with all my subsequent training to offer a more scientific explanation of exactly how that works. 

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​I am delighted to have used my early experiences to start the path of helping other people. I have since obtained a BSc Hons degree in Human Physiology, studied nutrition with the college of naturopathic medicine and subsequently certified as a practitioner with the Institute of Functional medicine in the USA. I have an insatiable appetite for scientific understanding of the human body and its applications to healing. If you can understand how the body functions, encompassing every bodily system down to the cellular level and the intricate communication networks within the body we can begin to take a dysfunctional system into one of restored health again. My core passion is this extension of understanding the body itself, then we know how to 'hack' it.


My clinical practice has taken me into the depths of environmental illness and understanding mould and infections as causative for chronic health problems. I continue to study with the Kharrazian Institute for the latest developments in the management of chronic illness and feel that even after nearly 20 years in practice I have just touched the tip of the iceberg. I have developed my own unique strategies for assessing your case and managing your programme of recovery and I review and update my own methods accordingly as I learn even more.

I have a lot of experience in complex chronic health problems. I have spent many years supporting individuals with their health journey and seen remarkable transformations in so many. I was a guest for 2 seasons of the gutology podcast which I was really excited to be a part of as it helps functional medicine to become known to the masses and so many people have got in contact to say how much they benefitted from my episodes and implementing some of the things that were discussed.

Working with me

I offer a package of support for 6 months initially which helps set the framework for your recovery. This is a collaborative approach involving members of my nutritional therapy team where we work together intensively on your case and research the individuality that everyone has. The support you get from this package is often enough on it's own but if you do need ongoing support after 6 months, we can then offer this on an hourly rate basis to suit your needs accordingly. We find 12 months is often the average amount of time people require support and thereafter it tends to be more how to maintain your newfound health and know how to manage going forward. After 6 months we are happy to tailor to what you need, as the more time-intensive aspects of your care are in those initial 3-6 months. 

Group therapy:

I am currently finalising a course which encompasses my methods of how to recover from chronic illness which will form the framework for group therapy so that people with all budgets can be helped. Please email us to put your name on the list for groups (starting 2023), The pandemic has highlighted the need for community and human connection, especially when you are struggling every day with your health. It has been my intention for some time to run groups so that you can all benefit from the support it brings from others who understand what you are going through. 

Julia's qualifications and roles

  • BSc (Hons) Human Physiology

  • IFMCP (Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner)

  • Dip CNM

  • AFMCP (Functional Medicine)​

  • Senior Lecturer at the College of Naturopathic Medicine

Julia's associations

  • IFM (Institute for Functional Medicine)

  • mBANT (British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine)

  • CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council)

The Institute for Functiona Medicine Certified Practitioner
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