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Nutritional therapy


Nutritional therapy is a way of healing through an entirely natural approach: dietary and lifestyle changes together with the use of natural food supplements. Nutritional therapy is often a core component of the functional medicine approach we offer at JDN.

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Although there are often similarities between people with the same condition, the underlying causes of that condition may be completely different.  Nutritional therapy focuses on these underlying root causes, rather than merely treating the symptoms.

​Above all, nutritional therapy aims to put you in control of your condition; you will get a tremendous sense of achievement when you start to see the difference you can make to your own health. 

Total healing is the goal of nutritional therapy, not just a suppression of symptoms. For example, when you feel pain, this is your body sending you a message or a warning. Of course we want that pain to disappear but we also need to listen to what your body is trying to tell you.

Nutritional therapy can help to reveal the contributing factors that are driving your health problems. Sometimes this may be obvious, but it often takes time and a lot of insight to understand why you may be suffering from certain a health condition. Once discovered and addressed, however, this leads to a longer-term resolution; changes tend to be permanent when the root causes can be addressed.

Nutritional therapy sees all people as individuals, there are no protocols for certain symptoms that apply to all and individuality is key to the successful outcomes we get. All aspects of your health: physical, psychological and emotional are considered when devising a programme.

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