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Sally Hill


About Sally


My interest in the link between nutrition and health was sparked from a young age. My Dad’s passion for gardening and growing fruit and veg and my Mum’s love of cooking healthy meals from scratch meant seasonal, nutritious whole foods were a staple part of our diet.


Although my qualifications and career background are in art and fashion, I also spent some time working within the natural health and wellbeing industry. Between Art School and beginning my career in the fashion industry, I worked for an aromatherapy brand. I stayed a little longer than planned and gained a diploma in aromatherapy massage and the science of essential oils whilst there. Although I didn’t continue to practice aromatherapy massage and pursued a career in fashion, the knowledge and experience I gained deepened my passion for natural health and wellbeing and essential oils have been an integral part of my own self care routine ever since.

I always enjoyed sharing wellness tips with colleagues, friends and family, but my decision to train as a nutritional therapist didn’t come about until I experienced my own life changing health issues. By my late 30’s, despite being armed with many tools to look after my wellbeing, I was so focused on career success I stopped taking care of myself properly. Several years of chronic stress and zero down time eventually led to burn out. Then a viral infection was the last straw and I never fully recovered. Initially diagnosed with post viral fatigue syndrome and later ME/CFS, I was unable to continue with my career and began a long difficult journey to recovery.


Only through my nutrition training and the inspirational practitioners and specialists I met along the way, was I able to discover multiple causal factors that were contributing to my illness. All of these aspects needed to be addressed before recovery was possible. This ignited a passion to help and support others struggling to regain their health, and taught me to leave no stone unturned when searching for the root cause of a client’s complex chronic health issues!


Sally's additional training

  • ME/CFS, post viral fatigue and long covid 

  • Lyme disease, co infections and chronic viral infections - an underlying cause of ME 

  • Fatigue - Supporting mitochondrial function and energy production 

  • Epigenetics and perimenopause (LifecodeGX)

  • Supporting female hormone balance - different life stages

  • Mycology/Medicinal mushrooms (Hifas da Terra)

  • Trauma conferences

  • Brain health conferences

  • Microbiome and mental health 

  • Hashimoto's - autoimmune thyroiditis 

Sally's associations

  • mBANT (British Association for Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine)

  • CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council)

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