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5 Day Retreat for those with chronic complex health problems

We will lead a compassionate enquiry into your deepest self to learn why your health has taken a certain path, uniquely combined with the science of functional medicine, enabling you to map out the future path available to you. 

Warwickshire retreat 2022 dates: Feb 4th-8th OR May 20th-24th
£995 pp excl. accommodation

Your Hosts

The retreat will be run by a unique collaboration of Functional Medicine and Health Psychology specialists

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Dr Liz Sparkes, HCPC Health Psychologist, PhD Pain Psychology. Extensive experience within the NHS, Charities and Trusts, developed and taught her own MSc course in Mindfulness and Compassion, currently focuses on supporting individuals with pain, long-term illness and mental wellbeing.

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Julia Davies, certified Functional Medicine Practitioner (Institute of Functional Medicine), BANT Registered Nutritional Therapist, member of the Complemetary and Natural Healthcare Council and specialist in complex chronic illness.

Team Members​​

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Florence Wylde, Nutritional Therapist

Florence is a nutritional therapist with functional medicine training. Her approach is tailored towards complex health conditions and she has a particular interest in those with gut disorders, fatigue and neurological inflammation. Her passion for research and aligning with the latest developments in laboratory testing have ensured that Florence is leading the way in understanding the complexity of the human body and how to approach chronic disorders to create a sustainable outcome. She strongly believes chronic ill health is not a condition that should be 'learned to live with' as is the common misconception in our society. Using functional tests and a tough clinic eye, Florence has the capability to assess very complex presentations of illness and weave her way through the web of understanding how to help them. She works as part of a multidisciplinary team here at Julia Davies Nutrition.


Alissa Powell, Nutritional Therapist

Alissa is a nutritional therapist here at Julia Davies Nutrition. Her affinity for creating a supportive space for people to really be listened to is so often missed in orthodox medicine. Using the Functional Medicine model, she takes care of supporting people through their programmes, helping them to really understand their condition while offering creative advice on how to implement nutrition and health changes that clients find enjoyable and accessible to their circumstances. Alissa has an eye for detail and accuracy in interpreting the latest research in all things health and nutrition and her ability to translate all of this into good results is exceptional. Alissa has experience in seeing those with chronic inflammatory conditions, autoimmunity, neurological conditions including dementia and parkinson's, gut disorders, hormonal issues, skin disorders such as psoriasis and eczema, and all types of arthritis.

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Victoria Rimell, Reiki Therapist

I am a trained Reiki therapist (Reiki I, II, Master) and have been practising Reiki for over 20 years. I am also a university professor in my field of classical literature, and live in Coventry with my husband and two teenage daughters. Reiki is a form of holistic, hands-on energy healing which was developed in the early 1920s by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui, and has since been adapted and developed by different teachers worldwide. Like all forms of energy medicine, it recognises that we are composed of energy and energetic fields which interconnect us to all things. Every cell and organ of our bodies pulses with electricity, which generates biomagnetic fields that surround us and extend outwards from our bodies and whose proper functioning is essential to our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. The Reiki practitioner works to restore balance and flow in the body’s energetic system, promoting healing as well as deep relaxation during the treatment itself.


Linda Green, Meditation Practitioner

Hello, my name’s Linda and I’m a Meditation Practitioner - Certified in Transformation and Heart-based practices and Reiki Healer. It was through meditation practices and energy healing that I was able to begin my own healing and transformation to empower myself with the tools and techniques needed to benefit my health and well-being and live a much more heart based life. I am passionate about supporting people with these same holistic   therapies and practices that helped me. The clients I have worked with have all felt a sense of ease, release and felt much more connected to themselves; enabling them to feel more inner peace and flow with the struggles they may be facing.

Who should come on our retreat?

The retreat is designed for those who have a long-term condition such as fibromyalgia, chronic pain, autoimmune disease of any type, arthritis or digestive conditions, to name but a few.


We are used to working with those who have multiple health diagnoses, or in fact remain undiagnosed because their symptoms do not fit a particular diagnosis medically. 

We ask that you are prepared to consider deeply your own health story and commit to learning practices and techniques that will strengthen your ability to change the trajectory of your health path.


This is all done within a small group, a supportive setting, with people who can understand how you feel. A compassionate, safe space will be created over the retreat period, with plenty of rest to enable you to fully engage with our process without it going ahead of your pace. There will be options on the retreat to choose when you do things so we can best accommodate everyone's needs. 

What if I am having a bad day or I am in pain?

There is no expectation for you to feel at your best to come on the retreat. We have a lovely location where the bedrooms on site are in the same building so if you need to rest it is easily done! Treatments available may help with pain relief, mobility problems and energy and there will be a choice available of what you prefer or what we suggest might be most suitable for you on the day. We have arranged for the structure of the retreat to be based around short sessions with time in between so if you can't sit for long, it is no problem. We plan to make use of outdoor spaces if the weather allows. You can bring with you anything that may help your comfort, such as cushions, blankets etc. The seating available is quite upright and supportive which makes getting up and down easier. It will be very informal for you to move about and do what is necessary to feel comfortable.

Are meals included? What if I have special dietary requirements?

Our nutritional intake is so important for recovery from chronic health problems so we have selected the venue that was most accommodating to this. As standard, we will be offering a lunch menu that is designed to be anti-inflammatory and without common inflammatory foods like excess gluten, dairy and sugars. If you have further dietary needs, please let us know beforehand and we will ensure they are met.


Lunch and refreshments throughout the day are included in the cost of the retreat. Evening meals will be an optional extra and can be incorporated into the bed and breakfast rate available to you. (Please contact us for more details about this and how to book)

Contact us for more details or to secure your place
(Limited Availability)


The retreat will take place at the beautiful Scarman House at Warwick University. There is no obligation to stay overnight but it may be helpful to be on site - even if you don't live too far away - so it can be more of a reflective focus for the five days. Bedrooms will be located in the same building as the retreat, and there are many indoor and outdoor public spaces to enjoy.


Accommodation is to be booked directly through the venue to suit your own requirements. Accommodation costs are not included in the retreat. For more information on what's included, please see below.

Click here for more information about the venue

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