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Foundations of Healing
8 Week Course - ONLINE

Get to the root cause of your health concerns through our 4 pillar programme

All sessions are held online via zoom at weekends

Pillar 1

Calm your nervous system

Sun14th January 9 -11:30am
Sat 20th January 9 -11:30am

Understanding your past stories and the impact on your health + strategies to rebalance the brain. Begin to create lasting change through beautiful practices and methods. Creating a calm and gentle feeling in the body.

Pillar 3

Power up your system

10th February 9 - 11:30am
18th February 9 - 11:30am

How do you create the energy required to heal? We will show you how to bring back your personal power, regain confidence and strength. Understanding inner archetypes allows a creative expression when strengthening your inner world.

Pillar 2

Understanding chronic inflammation

Sat 27th January 9 - 11:30am
Sun 4th February 9 - 11:30am


Learn how to balance your immune system. Begin to understand the mechanisms within your reach to change. Recognise patterns, beliefs and how to actively change them. Often its only as we begin to explore together that lightbulb, lifechanging realisations occur.

Pillar 4

Rebuilding your defences

25th February 9 - 11:30am
3rd March 9 - 11:30am

Identifying the triggers and drivers behind your condition and learning how to remove them. Starting to recognise where you need to build in boundaries and how to strengthen your emotional self.

Course Leaders

Dr. Liz Sparkes &
Julia Davies

Dr Liz Sparkes and Julia Davies together have collective knowledge of human physiology, the body's inherent healing mechanisms and the vast impact of your own psyche on your condition.

Their shared knowledge and passion has led to the development of this programme.

Leaving no stone unturned, they will dive into root causes of a physical, chemical and emotional nature and you will leave knowing yourself more deeply and understanding your condition through a new lens.

Interested in what people say about their work?

Please read more here.

Read more about Julia  |  Read more about Liz

What makes us unique?


Julia and Liz have the perfect blend of different disciplines: functional medicine, health psychology & ancient healing methods.

Our functional health course is tailored to those with chronic and complex health problems, but also for those who feel their physical health just isn't optimal but cant understand why.

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Course Cost

We offer 3 tier pricing to make this course more widely accessible. Please pay what you can comfortably afford.

  • Suggested price: £395

  • Those on a low income: £295

  • Concessions: £195

A percentage of the payment goes to Yes to Life charity. A charity we care deeply about.

What people say about our work..

"This course is perfect for anyone that is fatigued by their health challenges and has exhausted the traditional pathways of the healthcare system."
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